Limited Warranty

All standard components, unless specifically noted otherwise are guaranteed to be free form defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months or 12,000 miles from date of invoice, whichever comes first. Any item will be replaced without charge if found to be defective in materials or workmanship. Our liability is limited to replacement of the part only and does not recognize claims for labor or consequential damage.

All warranty claims must include the invoice or packing slip number, a copy of the repair order noting the date the part was installed, a copy of the warranty repair order and mileage accumulated while the warranty item was installed.

Any warranty is null and void should it be determined that the claimed part was used in any nonstandard or high performance application. Overland Parts must be the first to examine any defective part or assembly. Any attempt to repair or alter the part in question prior to our inspection will void any warranty claim. Warranty is null and void should it be determined that any work was done to the component after receipt from Overland Parts prior to or after installation. This is the sole warranty made by Overland Parts and any alteration of the foregoing policy or an assumption of any liability beyond the policy, implied or otherwise, shall not be binding upon Overland Parts unless committed in writing by an authorized officer of the corporation.

Special Engine and Engine Component Warranty Program

Should it be determined that within the term of our warranty one of our engines or engine components is found to be defective in either quality or workmanship, Overland Parts will compensate the original purchasing customer as follows: Replacement of the offending part, the part is to be supplied by Overland Parts. We will not be responsible for the reimbursement of replacement parts purchased elsewhere.

Should it be determined at the sole discretion of Overland Parts that a labor allowance for repair and/or replacement of the offending part is due; compensation is to be at Journeyman’s wages of $40.00 per hour based on the dealer warranty flat rate labor schedule.

All warranty issues must be presented by the original purchasing customer and said warranty is not transferable to other parties beyond the original purchasing customer. This warranty is strictly limited to the policies listed above and does not cover: rental cars, food and lodging, airline tickets, towing, storage, etc.

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